Equistone Ride

Peloton ran the Equistone Private Equity’s second annual supported ride this year, which was 85 miles from High Wycombe to Stow-on-the-wold.  The conditions were perfect and it felt like the first proper day of summer.  The route, though was much more challenging with around 1500 meters of climbing, so although being a slightly shorter ride was definitely a bigger ask.  

Unfortunately, there were a couple of late drop outs.  One person had actually been knocked off their bike the day before in the London traffic.  However, there were still 9 of the team up for the challenge.

The lunch and ride nutrition snacks supplied by Peter Harrison went down really well.  In fact there was an awkward moment when it came down to the last couple of rhubarb flapjacks but fortunately, they all managed to remain amicable.

There wasn’t a single puncture and were very few mechanicals, so the longest stop was caused by one of the team who after being a little over eager attacking a couple of the hills after the lunch stop needed to take a timeout in the support vehicle after needing a short consultation with the hedgerow to bring back some of Peter’s nutrition!  It was impressive to see him get back on the bike and ride to the finish with the rest of the team, who rode into their finish in the Cotswolds to a hero’s welcome and a well deserved team dinner.

Well done to all the Equistone riders and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Here are some comments from them:

“For the second year running we have used Peloton to support our UK team bike ride. Alex provided a first class planning, navigation and on-ride support service for our cyclists, ensuring their safety on the road and protection from motorists. The support vehicle included full mechanical provisions. Peloton’s chef had assembled highly nutritional food, snacks and drinks for along the route.

We will definitely be engaging Peloton’s support services for all of our future bike rides as their professionalism and knowledge are an essential and invaluable part of our annual event’s success.”

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