Corporate Training

Peloton have created a corporate ‘Race within a Race’ concept with our race partners.  We have chosen some of their key events from the Triathlon and Cycling calendars for you and we have pre-paid entries for a team of your executives.  We will then help them to prepare for that event with a training camp and ongoing training and nutrition plans.

We will arrange supported rides near to you, introduction sessions to open water swimming and provide advice on the clothing and equipment required.

When other teams from within your company, your clients or competitors are also preparing with Peloton for the same event, a strong team building opportunity emerges as well as some healthy competition.  When a group of people who work together and train together compete against associates from their working environment, it creates a memorable race day!

Peloton can help with the logistics on race day too, providing a pre and post race hospitality tent with bike tune, warm ups and post race massages.  It means that you are free to make the most of the hard work you have put in, colleagues and family can support those competing and you can enjoy some relaxed networking.

There is a well established link between the physical fitness and the professional effectiveness of executives.  Please get in touch to find out more and how you can benefit from that link with the ‘Race within a Race’ concept. (link to ‘CONTACT’)