What People Are Saying

  • ‘Before going to Peloton I was one of the many thousands of wannabe triathletes that liked the idea but didn’t know where to start.  Peloton completely changed all that.  It has given me the motivation and confidence to take my casual ‘keeping fit’ antics to a new, more fulfilling level where I now have the confidence and desire to do a couple of competitive events to validate my fitness regime.  It was also brilliant fun and great to spend time with like minded people from my sort of background.  The accommodation and food was akin to some of the best skiing holidays I have had.  I would totally recommend Peloton to everyone toying with the idea of entering a triathlon or perhaps someone that has done it alone and now wants to hear it from the experts’ 


    Harry from London - Hotel owner and entrepreneur
  • Thanks so much for the weekend – it far exceeded my expectations. As a keen amateur, I was concerned the training would be too intensive. I could not have been more wrong – thanks to you and the great team at Peloton Training my 3 day experience was fun, informative and ultimately rewarding.  Far from being beasted I benefited from 1:1 technical training, on the spot feedback, and continuous support throughout the weekend.  Highlights were: receiving several key points on my cycling technique, analysis of my swim stroke (which has seen the biggest improvement thanks to the coaching and video analysis in the endless pool), and the watt bike and run tests used to calculate my FTP. However if one thing really stood out for me it was the single track mountain biking through the forest at night. Hats off to your professional and friendly team. It was an awesome weekend, set in a great environment, well organised and complemented by wholesome locally produced food – and I made some new friends! I would recommend the camp to anyone looking for an enjoyable way to learn to train more effectively. 

    Will Thomas from London - City Banker