Lactate Threshold Testing

Peloton Training is proud to launch their new Lactate Threshold testing clinic in the cycling utopia that is Bespoke in Farringdon.

If you haven’t been to Bespoke yet… are in for a treat!
Bespoke is quite simply the best bike shop in London.  It holds an exceptional range of the world’s best bikes, clothing, parts and accessories and as you would expect it also has a comparable level of expertise, bike servicing and bike fitting.  Now you can also go there for Lactate Threshold testing.

How does the Lactate Threshold test work?
Using a step-test format on a Wattbike, you will be worked through a range of increasing levels of intensity. By analysing heart rate and blood lactate values at these different intensities our Sports Physiologist Tom, who studied at Loughborough University and has practical experience in testing many athletes of varying abilities including runners, triathletes and cyclists, will calculate your lactate threshold by finding the transition point at which the level becomes unsustainable.

What do the results tell me?
Your results will identify your heart rate and power training zones which are calculated using the values obtained at threshold which can only truly be found accurately using blood sampling. The test can also show your strengths and weaknesses, whether this may be power production or aerobic fitness, which can then be targeted to make for more effective training. You will also find your MMP (Maximum Minute Power) so you can see how much power you can produce at the top end and compare it with your friends!

What makes this information useful?
When riding with a heart rate monitor or power meter, you will know exactly which zone you are currently working in by using the training zones you receive in your test report. Following a structured training plan, which incorporates the entire range of zones and the physiological benefits that come with each zone, has been found to be significantly more beneficial than trying to train on ‘feel’ alone.

Repeat testing at intervals within your training programme provides an excellent means of monitoring training effectiveness and threshold testing is also regarded as the most accurate predictor of race day performance, which can greatly assist with pacing.

Why do it with blood testing rather than through a sustained effort?
Many factors can affect an attempt at finding your FTP or threshold through a sustained effort such as; the effort at which you decide to start at, how you pace yourself, your motivation and the accuracy of the equipment used. With blood testing, these uncertainties are removed and you are left with a simple, effective and very repeatable test. You can be sure that the data you receive is accurate and it will tell you if you have improved through training or not as, put simply – the blood doesn’t lie!

What to bring with me?
To participate in the test, all you need is suitable cycling clothing, a water bottle and the motivation to find out how hard you can push yourself. It is also recommended that you bring your own cleats and pedals to get the most out of the Wattbike.

How long does it take?
A test appointment usually takes around an hour which includes preparation and set-up. 30 to 40 minutes of this is actual time working on the bike, of which only 10 to 15 minutes or so becomes ‘hard’.

You will be sent a more in-depth information sheet detailing the test procedure and instructions for preparation upon confirmation of appointment.

How often should I be tested?
We recommend to re-test every 3 months and more frequently in cases of higher training loads. Testing should be frequent enough to keep your training zones up to date because as you improve, your old zones will effectively be based on old, incorrect data. Re-testing in plenty of time before your event will also show you how effective your training has been and it can also show up weaknesses that need to be worked on in the build up to the event.

Where to come?
143-145 Farringdon Road
EC1R 3AB – See more at:

What does it cost?
One test £99
Series of three tests £225

To make a booking or find out more please contact Tom Rippin on 01394 775050 or 07748 542649